Actual narcissist or just a bad break up?

I have read so many peoples stories, about what they perceive to be their experience with their ‘Narc’. I am shocked to see how many of these appear to be bad break ups rather than an ongoing, increasingly relentless and dangerous encounter with someone they cannot get rid of with NPD.

Whilst I know am not putting down the heartbreak, feelings of revenge, and hurt that bad break ups cause, they are in no way comparable to the actions of someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. If that is you, you are going through a hard time, but it will pass whereas a narcissist will never ever leave you alone.

People with NPD (Narcissisic Personality Disorder) will never go away, and will more often than not, get worse, and become dangerous. Just to give you an idea, on a Narcissist scale where Trump is number 1 and Ted Bundy is a 10, my ex is about a ‘Dirty John’ (if anyone hasn’t seen this Netflix series, it’s spectacularly accurate and the most like Mr X I have ever come across, and its a true story).

One story I read today was a man whose ‘ex narc’ was engaged to someone new, two weeks after leaving him. That’s it. He proposed, she said yes and then she left and found someone else.

Wake up people, this isn’t a narcissist, this is bad luck, and picking a shitty human, be thankful that you are free- a narcissist will never leave you alone, even if they leave your relationship. Read a few of my posts and compare, I met mine 16 years ago, he left 6 years ago when my Son was just 3 and I was suffering sever anxiety and panic attacks and yet my life is still full of him. He does everything he can to disrupt me, upset me, take things from me, bully and blackmail me, harass me, make me feel useless and like a bad parent. It doesn’t work which makes him even more determined to carry on the vendetta. He will not be happy until I am dead.

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